PLC and SCADA systems

PLC and SCADA systems play a vital role in the modern industrial and automation environment. From the individual PLC controlling a discrete plant to a site wide integrated PLC and SCADA system ITAA is able to provide a total PLC and/or SCADA system training solution.

Course Duration:

2 Months

Certified PLC and SCADA Professional Training Course Contents:

PLC Professional Course Contents:

Introduction to Industrial control systems and PLC:

  • Describe the Purpose of a control system
  • Define a programmable controller
  • Name three advantages of PLCs compared to relay logic systems
  • List the three main components in a PLC system
  • Explain the difference between bit and Word
  • Application of PLC.


  • Thermal Transducer
  • Optical Transducer
  • Pressure Transducer
  • Chemical Transducer


  • Optical sensors
  • Pressure sensors


  • How to work a Relay
  • Operation of Solenoid Valve

Open Loop Control System:

  • Block diagram
  • Working of OLC system

Close Loop Control System:

  • Block diagram
  • Working of CLC system

Block diagram of PLC:

  • Memory of PLC
  • I/P Module of PLC
  • O/P Module of PLC
  • Programming devices

Ladder diagram:

  • Overview of PLC Ladder Diagram

PLC Ladder programming:

  • Single output operated with NO and NC
  • Multi outputs controls
  • Fundamentals of Logic
  • The Binary Concept
  • AND, OR, and NOT Functions
  • Boolean algebra
  • Developing Circuits from Boolean Expressions
  • Producing the Boolean Equation from a given logic Circuit
  • Hardwired Logic versus Programmed Logic
  • Programming Word-Level Logic Instructions
  • Combinational logic circuits
  • Sequential logic circuits
  • Arithmetic logic network

Timer Instructions:

  • On-Delay Timer Instruction
  • Off-Delay Timer Instruction
  • Retentive Timer
  • Cascading Timers

Counter Instructions:

  • Up-Counter
  • Down-Counter
  • Cascading Counters

 Analog Input Handling:

  • Motor speed control with PLC
  • Temperature,level and flow control with PLC


  • Twenty Plus Examples
  • Course projects
  • What is SCADA?
  • SCADA and Industrial Automation
  • SCADA & Role of PLC


  • Thirty Plus Examples
  • Four Industrial projects

 Industrial Projects:

1) Robotics

2) Drilling machine

3) Process industry Programming

4)Oil tank programming

5)One lecture on Industrial project implemented in ICE CREAM Company

 Industrial Networks:


SCADA Training

1:Wintr SCADA

2:Wincc SCADA

3:SCADA Communication with MODBUS and PLC

4: SCADA Web Server

5:Industrial Project on WINCC SCADA

6:OPC Server

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