Advanced Automation Training

PLC Training
1. Analog signal handling PLC.
2. Float, integer ,double integer, word ,double word and byte handling in PLC
3. PID Control.
4. Robotics Control with PLC.
5. Oil level control application.
6. FBD ,DB ,IDB and vector table concept.
7. PID control Tuning methods.
8. Comparisons in PLC programming.
9. Defining Alarms and Notifications.
10. Set points programming.
11. Conveyor belt programming.
12. Communication.
13. FAT.

DCS Programming.
1. Motor Block
2. Valve Block.
3. PID Block.
4. Graphic Design.


1. Internal tags and external tags in HMI
2. Packing Plant Design integration of PLC and HMI.
3. How do i respond automation problems?
4. SCADA communication with Modbus RTU.
5. HMI communication with S7-300 PLC.
6. SCADA Web Server.
7. OPC server concept.
8. Scripting in SCADA.
9. Trend configuration in SCADA and HMI.
10. HART protocol and Profibus .
11. Communication Master and Slave SCADA station.

Designed For:Facilities and Project Engineers as well as newly graduated Electrical, Controls and Instrument Engineers (0-5 yrs.) with a need to improve understanding of instrumentation and control systems within oil and gas facilities.

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Enrolled: 354 students
Duration: 2 months
Level: Advanced