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Experience a hands-on PLC training course at our training center delivered by one of our industry experienced engineers with up to 35 Years in Industrial PLC / SCADA process control

Our training centre PLC & SCADA programming courses are now available online.Study from home or office and gain professional training at your own pace.Learn how to program Siemens S7-300,400,1200, Mitsubishi, Omron, Allen Bradley and other PLCs from basic programming for beginners to more advanced levels of programming for the experienced engineer.

Training Centre & Onsite PLC & SCADA Training:

Experience a hands-on PLC training course at our training center delivered by one of our industry experienced engineers with up to 35 Years in Industrial PLC / SCADA process control

Students enrolled from across the world

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Hichem Araar , Field Engineer at Weatherford Production Optimization -Intelligent well system- reservoir monitoring ,Algeria.3117dbd

Engr.Muhammad has a strong knowledge regarding automation when i have any problem he always give me help ,he is brilliant engineer

IHOR FOMENKO ,   Automation Engineer at Premier Biomaterials,Ireland.


I participated in a training course. Muhammad Noman provided a friendly and professional training in the curriculum, as well as giving appropriate professional advice. I want to recommend Muhammad Noman as an Automation and Control International Instructor at IT and Automation Academy for any future participants.
Mohamed Islam CHORFI , Instrument Engineer at Wood Group SOMIAS Algeria                2da0317

As an Automation engineer who has graduated last year and was seeking for a job, i had the chance to join the training class with Muhammad  Noman at the IT & Automation Academy via skype, it was a very important and successful training for me, he shared some useful informations and helped to enhance my engineering knowledge to prepare a job opportunity that i had and Hamdoulillah i’ve got the job and i want to thank him for his help and i counsel everyone who wants to boost his skills to join IT & Automation Academy training class with Muhammad.

Muhammad Samir , Electrical Engineer at Adawat For Trading and Contracts Saudi Arabia. 2599344

I Met him on a linkedin Group were he announced for an online course related to process control and automation .Once we begin that course i found him co-operative ,helpful, has a good knowledge and experience in that field .That training was important to me as i got a good amount of information that i was in-need .Muhammed has an excellent ability for interacting with others and has a good communication skills which enables him to transfer what information he need to explain in such a simple manner. Thank you Muhammed for your effort with me

Abhinav Kundra (EIT) , Junior Controls Engineer at Brave Control Solutions Canada                                          0c2ec42

I met Noman in an Automation group on LinkedIn and joined his online class on Automation Engineering. He has a great understanding of Automation projects and how PLCs can be programmed, and is the right guy to reach when comes to in-depth training of PLC programming. He listens to your queries patiently and clears your doubt with examples. After joining these classes, I feel confident as far as programming PLCs are concerned. I strongly recommend Noman for his style of teaching and command on automation products. Good Luck!!less

David Alvarado Haro , Mechatronics Engineer | Process Automation | Maxico.                         2641ab4

As his student for both courses: PLC-SCADA and Oil and Gas training, it’s more clear for me now all the information he shared from the basics to more advance topics regarding to industrial automation ad Oil and Gas, his experience and knowledge as background can be the best option for you, therefore, I feel really sure that he will help you to understand detailed information taking his classes. Don’t hesitate to ask him for details about his courses and go ahead ¨Don’t waste your time looking for another options when he can be your best trainer in automation!!

Antonio Jesus Carpes Firmino , Automation Engineer in Brazil.    2c2ea31

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Muhammad Noman for the past 2 years. He is perfectionist always ready to put all his energy to get the job done. Has an in-depth understanding of 800xA ABB Control System.”

Javier Axel Fierro Saucedo , Manufacturing Systems Engineer at Ford Motor Company Mexico 

I started taking the training with Engr. Muhammad and I have found them very useful to continue learning. The examples are very easy to understand and with good value. I recommend them highly.